PUBG Leak's Season 17

PUBG Mobile global version: The expected release date of Season 17

The Royale Pass of Season 16 will end on January 17th, 2021. The RP section will then be locked for the next 24 hours and players will not be able to access the rewards or the events in the RP section.
Every season is expected to start a day after a season ends. Hence, Season 17 in PUBG Mobile may begin on 19th January. The users may be able to purchase the two paid variants of the Royale Pass – Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus – for 600 UC and 1800 UC, respectively.

We don't have an official reveal for the Season 17 Royale Pass just yet, but we do have some leaks to go off of that have been reliable in the past.
Diamond Tier M416 skin 
Galaxy Theme Parachute skin
Galaxy Key Chain ornament
Snowman Alert grenade
Sea Dragon Pan skin
Blue Eagle backpack
Sea Dragon M24
Sea Dragon Dacia
Turquoise helmet skin


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